Entering Building

There are entrances on the Homecroft Ave side and the main doors facing James Street.

If you park behind the church, come in through the red doors with the Welcome sign. Go up the stairs and wind down the main hall following the sanctuary signs. Along the way, you will pass the Nursery, the Children’s classroom, and the church office on your right. On the left will be the church library, the choir practicing, and the pastor’s office. A greeter will be at the entrance to the sanctuary and can answer most questions.

You will be given a bulletin and you can sit in any of the pews. There will be hymnbooks and New Revised Standard Version Pew Bibles in the racks in front of you. There is a white Connection Card in the bulletin to pass on contact information, prayer requests, and questions. They can be placed in the offering plates or left on the back table. If you can  stay, join us for a cup of coffee following the service.

 During Worship

Generally, the service begins with a church member reading the announcements.  We sing traditional hymns from the hymnbook with organ accompaniment; and occasionally a simple chorus printed in the bulletin. Our robed choir sings 2-3 anthems during the service. In the service there will be scripture read, prayers said, and stories told. An offering is received at the end of the service as an act of thanksgiving to God and gifts are used to further the ministry of the church. Periodically, there are coffee hours and meals after worship in which all are welcome.

What You Will Hear

The message during the service will challenge Christians and those just beginning the Christian faith to understand the Bible and to put it into practice. We will pray about current events as well as the personal needs of individuals.

About Children

There is a Nursery staffed by our caregiver assisted by volunteers. Children are welcome to do participate at a level that is comfortable. Some like to come up front for the Children’s Story. Some like to attend Sunday School following that story time. Others like to stay with family in worship.