Prayers of Jabez & Solomon


I never leave a Sunday service without a list of things I meant to say, but didn’t, so maybe that would be a good theme for the new blog on the new website: Things I Wish I Had Said.

Yesterday, I was trying to make the case that both Jabez and Solomon prayed for very different things, but what makes their prayers similar was that fact that they both prayed for what they wanted. Jabez asked that his borders be enlarged and Solomon prayed for wisdom. That is what they wanted from God. As children we often pray for what we want, but as adults, we figure it won’t make a difference, so we give up asking.

What do you want? Have you asked God for it?

Oh, yes, we don’t always get what we want…thank God. But God needs to hear it. Jesus asked a man who obviously wanted to be healed that very question: “What do you want?” He waited for an answer before doing anything.

There is an interesting sequel to this topic, though. Shortly after Jesus tells us to “Ask…Seek…Knock” in Luke 11, he tells a parable about a woman who goes to a neighbors house in need of something and just keeps knocking on the door until he comes down and sees her. He gives her what she wants not because they are friends, but because of her persistence.

Maybe God needs to hear us ask and mean it.  Try that this week.