One Word Challenge

January is just the beginning of our One Word Challenge. By now you need to have selected your word and started to live with the idea that things may change.

Jesus said:

“If you abide in me, and my [word] abides in you…you…become my disciples.” John 15:7-8

In January, you identified a word, posted an index card on the bulletin board with your word, recorded your word in a written journal (or as Katie Brown suggested, an electronic device), and told at least 5 significant others your word.

For God to be able to use that word to transform your life, you’ll need to work with it. Here are this month’s tasks:

  1. Write a prayer paragraph to God about why you chose that word.
  2. Get our a dictionary (online or otherwise) and write down 3 or more definitions of your word.
  3. Write down the synonyms, words that have similar meaning. (I know this is sounding like a language arts class, but wait for #4)
  4. Write down the antonyms, words with opposite meanings (presumably, what you are not supposed to be)
  5. Write about any experience you’re having with the word (success, failure, attempts)

“Your word for the year is different from goals and resolutions…the word is likely to be a complex concept that you will use throughout the year to explore a new aspect of your relationship with God and others. It needs to be something you will be happy to chew on for fifty-two weeks.” – Debbie Macomber