Oh God!!!

Ann Lamont recounts a conversation she had with her son in her recent book, Thanks, Help, Wow . He had been thinking about the name “God”.  He explained:

I know why we call God, “God”. Whenever you see or do something really great, you say “God”.  

I remember an old Christian rocker from the 1970’s used to notice that when something bad happened, people usually said, “Jesus Christ”. They don’t say: “Oh, Buddha”.  People who have no connection with Christianity will swear with Jesus’ name. What’s up with that?

The word God has enormity attached to it. It invites awe. I hope you have some time to say: “God” this summer in the face of something awesome (and not when you hit your thumb with the hammer).

On Sunday, we went through Psalm 84 and the man who seems to be standing outside the temple in awe of what might happen if he were to go in. We had some beautiful music from the K family and after worship quite a crew headed to serve lunch at the Samaritan Center. The loads of cookies were great! You had to be there. Maybe you were.