Money is a Game

Money is a game. Find a way to work together as a team to win.

That line was in one of those “10 tips” lists that come in magazines and in emails. It was about marriage and how to get along.

Remember: Money is a game. Find a way to work together as a team to

Money can be a stumbling block in any relationship. Do we take it too seriously? It is an instrument of power in world conflict, in marriage, and even in church. To call money a game seems to take away its power. And working together means we’re on the same team, rather than competing with each other. Money came to mind over the Labor Day weekend when we read through Bruce Larson’s 5 Questions to Ask Yourself about your Work:

  1. Why am I here in this job? Accident or divine will?
  2. For whom am I working? A company? Boss? Or God?
  3. What am I working for? Money? Prestige? Power?
  4. With whom am I working? Go always puts people first.
  5. What kind of place am I in? Is where I work a place to serve the world God so loves?

On Sunday, we were had as our guests the folks from James St. Methodist in our annual summer exchange. Pastor Baums and I talked about the some biblical principles of work, the children picked some careers (from teachers to dinosaurs), the choir rejoiced, and communion was truly shared. You had to be there. Maybe you were.