Loving Hopelessness

On the first Sunday in Advent, following the Hanging of the Greens and other symbols, we opened the Prophet Isaiah to his collection of descriptive words for the Messiah. The first was “Wonderful Counselor” and my focus was that the goal of counseling is hope. And we have a Messiah who brings light and hope to people living in darkness.
What I thought about was how hard it is to accept good counsel, partly because we find hopelessness very compelling. It sounds so right when we fixate on our situation. There is no way out. There are no options. I am stuck and everyone else is free….Right?
The Messiah says “No”. I bring hope. Another prophet would call God’s people “Prisoners of Hope”. In all our personal and world darkness, Christ brings hope. Look for the Messiah this Advent and you will find hope. That’s what I wished I had said.