Leaps of Faith

Would you like to have a bigger faith? That was the question for Sunday’s message. We meet people, read about situations, and may even have experiences with God that lift our faith. In the movie, “As Good As It Gets”, Jack Nicholson says to Helen Hunt: “You make me want to be a better man.” (Apologies to the women.) Sometimes we may say to God: “I want to be a better Christian.” Andy Stanley has written about 5 ways people seem to grow a bigger faith and we will explore what the scriptures say about those five in the weeks ahead.
But how do you begin? For Peter in the boat with the disciples, it was a step of faith that seemed like a leap of faith. Even a small step of faith can seem like that. It is a step, not into the unknown, but rather into the knowable. We step towards God, in the footsteps of Christ.
Keith Miller wrote in his book, The Becomers, :
“A Christian [according to Paul Tournier], is like a person hanging from a trapeze bar. And that bar is whatever your security is truly invested in…And growth takes place when God swings another trapeze bar in view. The trapeze might be a vocational challenge, a chance to be more honest in my work or to risk financial security in order to do his will. The bar coming towards me might be a sense of calling to lead a more disciplined life with Christ, or help some oppressed people – and risk rejection.”
The challenge comes when you must let go and grab the bar. The leap comes when you take that first step out of the boat. If you are having one of those wishes, take a step – WELL, THAT IS WHAT I MEANT TO SAY ON SUNDAY.