Go Outdoors

We are spending time in the early chapters of the Bible as we begin 2016. Genesis is considered at times to be a minefield for the faith, as devoted Christians try to make science and the powerful words of Genesis into a watershed issue. The text leaves open the door to a variety of ways the 7 days of creation can be interpreted. What it really declares is an orderly, well designed, and most of all, good world. (Note that people are not in the picture until the end.)  The image of God reminds us of our value and worth to God as well as our responsibility to represent God (be his image), in all of creation.

I believe that one of the reasons faith is such a challenge for so many in the modern world is because we have isolated ourselves from the creation God calls so good. We stay in our houses, drive in our cars, labor in our work stations, and with garages you can avoid feeling the air, touching the grass and trees , or hearing sounds that don’t come from amplification. Go outside. Try it. I must warn you, though. You might have a religious experience if you do. That was the rest of the sermon.