Feeling More Faith


The last of the Summer Series on Prayers from the Bible came from the disciples: “Increase our faith”!

Maybe you’ve prayed that prayer using different words.  Lord, make me a better Christian. I want to know more about you. O God, I don’t think I can make it.

For most of us, the prayer asks for a feeling. I want to feel more faith. I want to feel closer to you, God. Give me a spiritual high, the way I used to feel.  Is that the best way to increase faith? …To have a religious feeling?  God doesn’t always give us a feeling and feelings can be fabricated.

The disciples prayed for increased faith after Jesus told them they would need to learn to forgive people more than 7 times. They needed a God bigger for that. Increase the size of God in my life. Get bigger in me!  Pray that a few time why don’t ya!

Pastor Paul