After our Deacons meeting on Sunday, we agreed that if there was a confirmed case in
Onondaga County and if there were any changes in the number of people who can
gather, we would need to start reducing programming and worship. Both have now
come to pass. 

As of Wednesday night, March 18 th we will be drastically reducing our
programs and canceling Sunday worship until permitted to do so.

The church office, the daycare, and the ABCNYS Office will continue to follow their
normal schedule. But more specifically, the following will no longer be meeting.
Weekly Church Programs
Sunday Morning Worship – both English and Karen
Baptisms will be delayed
Sunday School Classes – both English and Karen  
Girl Scouts
Time to Climb Tutoring
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Bible Studies
Prayer Meetings
Lay Study Classes

Mission Projects:
Save My Starving Childen has postponed the project
Samaritan Center is stopping volunteer groups and going to take out meals

Future Events:
The Garage Sale will be postponed – TBD
The Good Friday Dinner will be canceled
Work Day will be on an adjusted schedule

As of Monday afternoon, the CDC is recommending the “15 Days to Slow the Spread”
It includes avoiding social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people. We will make
every effort to abide by that standard for the safety of ourselves and those around us.
Linda, who volunteers in the office on Monday mornings, mentioned recently that she
often finds herself turning to Psalm 91 in times like these. You might look it up,
especially those who are Racing to Read God’s Word. May God be with you until we
meet face to face again.
Blessings, Pastor Paul Bailey