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Eastwood Baptist in History

After 9 years, Rev. Harold Clark accepted a call to a church in Rochester. Eight months later, the church called a new but familiar pastor, Rev. Nick Titus in May. The year was 1945.  Earlier that year, Germany had surrendered. A few months later, the atomic bombs would be dropped on Japan and the war would be over in the Pacific. Men (and women) would be coming home looking for a peaceful and productive life. Syracuse was becoming the headquarters for Carrier Corporation and Crouse-Hinds traffic signal manufacturing, whilst General Electric had its main television manufacturing plant at Electronics Parkway.

What made Rev. Titus so unique might best be described in the words of David Hart:

“When Rev. Titus was called, we youth had a little swagger in our step because we knew Nick Titus, on a first name basis, from camp.”

A year later the mortgage on the church house was paid off. In 1946, a church newsletter was started and the Service Men’s Mother’s Club presented a Good Shepherd window to the church in memory of those from the church who died in World War II. While it has been relocated more than once, it is currently on the right hand side of the sanctuary today, near the Homecroft entrance.

In May of 1952, the church celebrated a 25th Anniversary with founding pastor, Rev. George Hobart present. It was at this event that the church announced the launching of a campaign to build a new sanctuary. Ground would be broken a year later at an expected cost of $60,000. Blessed Sacrament Church was building their new sanctuary across the street.

This tribute was written by Rev. Titus on the occasion of the 25th birthday of the church.

Twenty Five Years Old!

That’s not very old—as churches go, or people either, for that matter. And yet, consider the tremendous events which have packed into the last quarter century.

We’ve had a depression and world war. We’ve witnessed the Nazi threat, and are now under the shadow of Communism. We’ve seen great strides in transportation, communication, science, and medicine. It’s been a quarter century filled with change and uncertainty.

And through it all, the Eastwood Baptist Church has ministered to the needs of our growing community. Couples have been married in our church. Children have been dedicated to the Lord. Young people have come under the influence of our church school, vacation Bible school, as well as the various scouting groups.

Our church has ministered to the suffering and the sorrowing. Bewildered and confused folks have sought the counsel of understanding and helpful ministers.

In a time of change and uncertainty, people have discovered that our church represents something which is changeless and certain. And that is, “the love of God.”

For twenty-five years, our church has brought the love of God to our community and the world. May it continue to do so for many years to come!