The Eastwood Baptist Church has traditionally been very active and committed to Missions Support for those in need spiritually and physically. Our vision is not only to take care of our own members and local community, but to connect with and support statewide, national, and international ministries.

Supporting missions is a core value for Eastwood Baptist, integral to our ministry now, as it has been since our inception in 1927.

This important work is guided by our Missions Commission, which is charged with the responsibility for coordinating our special offerings, providing recommendations to the entire Board of Deacons regarding disbursement of offerings to Wider Missions, and developing our outreach into the community and world.

It has been our aim and practice to dedicate at least 10% of each year’s total budget to Missions.

Our local Missions effort is coordinated under the title “Who Is My Neighbor?” Eastwood Baptist Church supports local food distribution, such as the food pantry (Parish Outreach) located at the Blessed Sacrament Church across the street. Habitat For Humanity, Samaritan Center, Francis House, Rescue Mission, and other local community organizations, have recently been selected by Missions as effective partners in service in the name of Jesus. We also maintain a separate “Fellowship Fund”, carefully administrated by our Pastor, to help our local church members and community people who have emergency needs.

On occasions, such as following Hurricane Katrina in our southern states several years ago, we have supported relief efforts financially and also with physical labor volunteered by our members.

Eastwood Baptist enjoys a special relationship with other American Baptist churches throughout New York and the United States. Our missions dollars are efficiently applied through several of the special American Baptist Offerings, both for the national (ABC/USA) and state (ABC/NYS) organizations with whom we are affiliated. In addition, we have been supporting for many years the Baptist (ABC/NYS) camping programs at Pathfinder Lodge and Camp Vick with financial aid, work crew efforts, and providing some of our local children with Camp attendance scholarships, when such help is needed.